"A Beautiful Way of Life"

Commission & Boards

Annexation Committee:

  • Council Member: Steve Maneri
  • Council Member: Valerie Faden
  • Council Member:
  • Town Manager: Debbie Botchie

Board of Adjustment:

(meets as needed)
  • Andy Lyons
  • Nancy Maupai
  • Dana Ryer

Emergency Operations (EOC):

  • Town Manager: Deborah Y. Botchie
  • Millville Volunteer Fire Company Representative

Millville Volunteer Group:

  • Coordinator:┬áPat Moulder
  • Council Liaison: Mayor Robert Gordon

Planning & Zoning Committee:

  • Debbie Botchie
  • Eric Evans
  • Susan Brewer
  • Kyle Gulbronson (AECom)

Committee for Charter & Ordinance Review:

  • Town Manager: Debbie Botchie
  • Council Member: Steve Maneri
  • Town Code & Building Administrator: Eric Evans
  • AECom: Kyle Gulbronson