REMINDER: NO Weapons Shooting/Discharge in Town Limits

Date Posted: Monday, August 5th, 2019

With much housing construction going up and the Town’s increase in population, the Town of Millville would like to remind local gun owners and hunters that — no matter what time of year — as stated in Town Code Chapter § 80-2, no person can discharge any firearm, air rifle, CO2 pistol, air gun, bow and arrow, crossbow, slingshot, or any weapon capable of propelling a missile by explosion of powder, compression of air, springs, or any other means, within the Town of Millville, unless they are:

A) law enforcement performing their duty; or

B) A property owner on his or her parcel of land, or person carrying permission from the owner of that parcel, that is at least 15 acres, except within 200 yards of any residence or within 15 yards of any road serving more than just that parcel.

Any person violating this code will be subject to penalties and fines. We’d also like to remind those who are permitted to discharge a weapon under Code to please be mindful of your surroundings — specifically what direction you are firing your weapon (i.e., whether it faces a group of houses, townhomes, roads, business(es), etc.). By taking these precautions, everyone can help to prevent a tragedy.