Revisions to the Town Residential Rental Application Processing

Date Posted: Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

Please be advised that on February 11, 2020, the Mayor and Council of the Town of Millville approved Ordinance 20-07, Chapter 90, Licenses in relationship to Parking Requirements and Information Provision.  These changes were made following consideration and discussions at a Town Council Meeting of ways to address complaints related to overcrowding and disruptive actions at some rental homes.

The new Ordinance changes are more specifically as follows:

New Section 90-16, E. Residential rental requirements:

    1) The property owner shall use reasonable business practices to ensure that the

   occupants and guests of a residential rental complies will all applicable codes

   concerning fire, building, health and safety, zoning, and all other relevant


    2)  The overnight occupancy of a residential rental shall not exceed the sum of

    two persons per bedroom plus an additional two persons.  Children under the

    age of six years shall not be counted towards the overall number of


    3)  The property owner shall use reasonable business practices to ensure that

     the occupants and guests of the residential rental do not create unreasonable

     noise disturbances, engage in disorderly conduct, or violate provisions of the

     Code or any applicable law of the State of Delaware. 

    4)  The property owner shall limit their rental occupants to one (1) motor

     vehicle parking space (not to include a recreational vehicle) for each

     bedroom as shown in the property records of the Town, with all off street

     parking available to the rental property utilized first.  The property owner

     shall include the parking limitations set forth in this Section in any rental

     agreement and all other communications with tenants. 

    5)  The property owner shall provide adequate waste and recycle services.

The new process and application requirements will go into effect May 1, 2020 for Residential Rental Licenses.

The Town of Millville pursuant to Code Section 90-4 will require applicants at the time of each annual Residential Rental License Application to provide –

  • A copy of the blank rental property lease agreement that owner intends to utilize for the application year which clearly states the limit of one motor vehicle parking space per bedroom and where applicable, the number of off-street spaces available to the rental property.
  • The proposed location of parking for rental tenants will be noted on the application.
  • The number of bedrooms (which will be checked against our property records) will be required to be included on the application.

Thank you for your cooperation.  If you have any questions regarding the completion of your residential rental application, please contact Robin Caporaletti, Code & Building Administrator at 302-539-0449. To view this announcement, please click here. To view Ordinance 20-07, please click here.