All Outdoor Festivities for OKTOBERFEST are cancelled for 10-1-22. The Beer Garden will be moved indoors to the Community Center - pre-sale tickets ONLY will be admitted. See info under Events tab. More Info

Important Community Links

Emergency Links & Telephone Numbers:

Police, Fire & Ambulance – Dial 911

Crisis Intervention Services:

Local Web Links & Telephone Numbers

State Representatives

County Representatives

  • Michael H. Vincent, President, County Council
    District No. 1: Western and central Sussex County, including the communities of and/or areas near Bethel, Blades, Bridgeville, Laurel and Seaford)
  • Cynthia C. Green, County Council
    District No. 2: Northwestern and central Sussex County, including the communities of and/or areas near Ellendale, Georgetown, Greenwood, Lincoln, Milford and Millsboro)
  • Mark G. Schaeffer, County Council
    District 3: Sussex County, in the area of Del. Route 24 northward, including the communities of and/or areas near Broadkill Beach, Ellendale, Lewes, Milford, Milton, Primehook Beach and Slaughter Beach)
  • Douglas B. Hudson, County Council
    District 4: Sussex County, in the area around the Inland Bays, including the communities of and/or areas near Bethany Beach, Dewey Beach, Long Neck, Henlopen Acres, Millville, Oak Orchard, Ocean View and Rehoboth Beach)
  • John L. Rieley, Vice President, County Council
    District 5: Southern Sussex County, extending from the Maryland line to the Atlantic Ocean, including the communities of and/or areas near Dagsboro, Delmar, Fenwick Island, Frankford, Laurel, Millsboro, Millville, Selbyville and South Bethany)
  • Todd F. Lawson, County Administrator
    Phone: 302-855-7742
  • Joe Thomas – Emergency Operations
    Phone: 302-855-7801
  • Megan Nehrbas – Mapping & Addressing
    Phone: 302-855-1176
  • Robert T. Lee – Sheriff
    Phone: 302-855-7830


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