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18-01: Amend the Town Code at Chapter 155, Zoning, Article XII, “Administration and Enforcement; Violations and Penalties” relating to an Application for Building Permit (Adopted August 8, 2017)

18-02: Amend the Town Code at Chapter 132, Taxation, Creating Article VI, “Abatement of Real Estate Taxes.” (Adopted October 10, 2017)

18-03: Amend the Town Code at Chapter 132, Entitled “Taxation,” relating to Transfer Tax Abatement (Adopted October 10, 2017)

18-04: Amend the Town Code at Chapter 155 Relating to Zoning Setbacks and Structures (Adopted January 9, 2018)


17-01: Amend the Town Code at Chapter 90 Entitled “Licenses,” 90-11 License Fees and Taxes, and 90-12 Conditions Attached to Licence; Revocation of Breach of Condition; Notice and Hearing (Adopted May 10, 2016)

17-02: Amend the Town Code at Chapter 155, Article VII, 155-16, to Add Regulations Regarding Wireless Communications Facilities (Adopted June 14, 2016)

17-03: Creating New Chapter for Animals and Regulating the Control of Dogs in the Town of Millville (Adopted May 24, 2016)

17-04: Amend the Town Code at Chapter 155, Article IX “Sign Regulations” Relating to Signs (Adopted November 8, 2016)

17-05: Amend the Town Code Relating to Chapter 54, Entitled “Dangerous Buildings,” and Chapter 111, Entitled “Property Maintenance,” and the International Property Maintenance Code (Adopted February 15, 2017)

17-06: Amend the Town Code at Chapter 155, Article VI “District Regulations” Relating to the Residential District (Adopted March 28, 2017)


16-01: Amend Town Code at Chapter 155 Relating to Zoning at Article V Application of District Regulations, 155-8 Applicability of Zoning Regulations; Article VI District Regulations, 155-9 AR – Agricultural Residential District, 155-10 R – Residential District, 155-13 C1 – Route 26 Corridor/Town Center Commercial, 155-14 C2 – Town Commercial District; Article VII Supplementary District Regulations 155-28 Off-Street Parking by Adding C. Design Standards for Parking Areas; Article X Conditional Uses, 155-49 Conditional Uses Enumerated; and Article XIV Terminology (Adopted August 11, 2015)

16-02: Regulating the Possession of Firearms, Ammunition, Components of Firearms, and Explosives in Municipal Buildings and Police Stations in the Town of Millville (Adopted Nov. 10, 2015)

16-03: Amend the Town Code at Chapter 155, Relating to Zoning at: Article XI Board of Adjustment, 155-58. Special Exceptions. (Adopted December 8, 2015)

16-04: Amend the Town Code at Chapter 33 Entitled “Planning and Zoning Commission” (Adopted December 8, 2015)

16-05: Never Used.

16-06: Amend the Town Code at Chapter 155, Article IX “Sign Regulations,” Relating to Signs (Adopted April 12, 2016)


15-01: Amend Town Code to Repeal Chapter 155, Article VI, 155-15 and Article XII, 155-72; to Adopt a New Chapter 155, Article VI, 155-15; to Flood Hazard Maps, to Designate a Floodplain Administrator, to Adopt Administrative Procedures, and to Adopt Criteria for Development in Flood Hazard Areas, and for Other Purposes; to Provide for Applicability; Repealer, and an Effective Date (Adopted February 10, 2015)

15-02: Amend Town Code Chapter 155 at Article VIII “Nonconforming Lots, Uses, Structures and Premises,” 155-37 (Adopted March 10, 2015)