The History of Millville

Date Posted: Thursday, June 5th, 2014

What record does exist suggests the community came together very slowly over time. Although Millville didn’t formally organize until early in the 20th century, quite a few local families can probably trace their ancestries hundreds of years earlier. Gordon Wood Sr., who grew up in Millville, traced dozens of local genealogies in preparing his “Letters to the Little Ones” family history. And in doing so, he made this observation: many of the names appearing in the 1780 Census for the Baltimore Hundred were still in local evidence years after the town’s establishment. Among the 30 students of Wood’s graduating class of 1953 from Lord Baltimore School, fully 25 students still bore surnames mentioned in 1780, or their mothers did, he pointed out.


2022 Town of Millville Municipal Election Results

Date Posted: Monday, March 7th, 2022

On March 5, 2022 the Town of Millville held its first Municipal Election since 2009. Thank you to the Board of Elections and the Election Officers who help facilitate the election, as well as the staff who prepared for many hours to make it a success! The results of the 2022 Municipal Election are as follows: Ronald Belinko          339 Peter Michel               282 Paul Stark                   145   Congratulations to Mr. Ron Belinko and Mr. Pete Michel! They will be sworn-in at the Town Council Meeting to be held March 15, 2022.  


Mediacom Internet Outages

Date Posted: Thursday, February 24th, 2022

Regarding the Mediacom Internet Outages The Franchise Agreement between the Town of Millville and Mediacom is for cable only. There are no franchise agreements regarding internet available to the Town.  However, the Town, as a Mediacom internet customer, reached out to Mediacom to express its concerns. Mediacom sent the attached response (click on link below). Please note the response addresses Monday and Tuesday; and though there were outages yesterday as well, the response was dated February 23, 2022 and sent prior to yesterday’s outages. Mediacom customers may call Mediacom customer service at the telephone number on their bills and request credit for the time they were without service. Mediacom Outage Statement Mediacom Info Sheet